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How to Join the Federation

Who Can Join?

Any society concerned directly or indirectly with Family History which has:

  • been in existence for at least 12 months
  • an agreed constitution
  • a membership of at least 10 members
  • a journal/newsletter in printed or electronic form and/or operates a website

Why Should Your Society Join?

The main activities of the Federation are set out in the “What is the Federation?” section of this site.

Benefits to societies that are members of the Federation include:

  • Publicity through our website and at the many public events we attend. This encourages individuals to contact and join member societies.
  • Insurance cover (available to UK Members). The annual subscription includes comprehensive Public Liability Insurance.  Additional cover may be added if the member society requires it.
  • Advice on topics such as copyright, data protection and the requirements of the Charities Act, as well as help in dealing with constitutions, trusteeship and internal issues. Assistance is provided both in the “Members Only” section of the website and by responding to specific enquiries from member societies.
  • Opportunities to make use of our preferential arrangements for selling data online.
  • Use of the National Burial Index in member society libraries without needing to purchase a library licence.
  • Free access to FindMyPast for use at a fair or open day.

What sort of Membership is appropriate?

Categories of Membership are:

Ordinary member

Ordinary Membership is awarded to societies in the British Isles specialising in family history or an associated discipline.
An Ordinary member pays an annual subscription of 38p per each of its own members (as at year end), with a minimum of £30 and a maximum of £950 for large societies of 2,500 members or more.

Each Ordinary member is entitled to nominate or second a candidate for election to the Executive at the Annual General Meeting to fill those vacancies that occur.

Associate member

Associate Membership is awarded to overseas family history, genealogical and heraldic groups, as well as to other bodies within the British Isles for whom family history is a secondary interest

An associate member pays an annual subscription at the fixed rate of £25.

How Do You Join?

In the first instance contact our administrator at

Memorandum and Articles of Association can be downloaded from here for further information

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