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Although covered in the Privacy Policy above, our Cookie Policy is expanded upon here.

The Federation of Family History Societies (FFHS) does not use first-party cookies on its web site and does not collect, store or distribute either internally or to others any details of the users of its web site.

The FFHS does, however, subscribe to Google Analytics so as to better understand how its web site is used; which pages are accessed first, which are the most, and least, popular pages, how many visitors we have to our site and how many are repeat or 'first-time' viewers.

Google Analytics supply this information to us graphically and anonymously, the FFHS collects no personal information of users of its web site in this, or in any other way. The information supplied by Google Analytics enables us to better understand our viewer's needs and preferences so that we can improve our site and your experience of using it.

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This privacy policy does not cover the links within our site to other web sites. It is the viewer's responsibility to check and read the privacy policies of any linked web sites they visit. The FFHS cannot accept any responsibility relating to cookies in the use of any other web site.

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