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Breath of Fresh Air from Canvey Island

Canvey Island, on the north side of the Thames estuary, is well-known for its large petrochemical facilities. Only during the past 100 years has the population exceeded 1,000 and the island may not spring to mind as an important historical location. However, an archive that deals with that area has recently been presented by the Community Archives and Heritage Group with its awards as “Community Archive of the Year” and “Best Online Website”.

These awards are now held by “Beyond the Point” (BTP), which explores, researches and presents its findings about historical remains in South-East Essex, focusing  on Canvey Island. BTP uses a wide range of media including:

  • BTP Website
  • over 6 hours’ worth of videos available on YouTube
  • more than a thousand relevant photographs displayed on BTP’s Facebook Page
  • opportunities to share and interact with BTP and the history it explores at the Community Forum.

The masterminds for this project are teenage local residents Joe Mander and Liam Hatherson, who launched BTP in 2011. History is not just for old people!

As well as enjoying the growing range of interesting content, visitors to “Beyond the Point” can find inspiration about how to use a range of colours in the media box to enthuse people drawn from all ages groups.


Francis Howcutt
FFHS Archives Liaison

12 July 2013

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