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Manchester Library Rebirth

Visitors to the newly refurbished Manchester Central Library at St Peters Square, M2 5DP are greeted with state-of-the-art facilities in a totally transformed environment.

The library building was first opened in 1934 and presents an imposing classical façade. A four-year, £50 million renovation and extension scheme was completed in March. This has resulted in a complex that caters for all ages and makes far more efficient use of space. Whereas 70% of the old library was off-limits to the public, that figure in now reversed so that 70% is open for public use.

The extensive range of materials that you can consult include many to grasp the attention of family historians. A guide to the family history resources awaiting you includes advice on where to start and links to other relevant sites, as well as details of the types of information that can be accessed within the library itself.

Open six days a week, the new facilities are doing much to attract a new generation of library users. Readers familiar with the previous arrangements are astonished at the scale of the improvements made.

If you live in the Manchester area or your family came from there, why not go along and see for yourself?


Francis Howcutt
FFHS Archives Liaison

18 May 2014

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