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Why We Join Family History Societies

The strongest reasons for joining a particular family history society are:

  • If the society operates within travelling distance of where you live or work, you can attend its meetings, meet neighbouring people who share your interests and hear speakers on a variety of relevant subjects. Many societies organise courses and other special events that can further extend your opportunities for learning, contributing and socialising.
  • If you join a society that is local to where your ancestors lived, there are distinct advantages even if the area is far from your own home. An “ancestor-local” society is likely to have members who share your interests in particular families and parishes, providing opportunities to co-operate and tap into local knowledge that is not available elsewhere. Moreover, it can be a good way of discovering local publications and projects that may help in your research.

Almost without exception, family history societies offer their members a journal (sometimes with an online delivery option) and also access to their website. These benefits, combined with email, can overcome distance. So members are able to communicate wherever they live, access much of the information that is held by their society and submit articles for its publications.

Society membership is a personal way for you to link up with the family history community. It can provide opportunities to “make friends of your relations” and to share your discoveries with people who want to hear about them.

Discover what is available near your home and near your ancestors’ homes by visiting the list of our member societies.

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